SST Referral Process

The goal of the Student Support Team (SST) is to address concerns affecting a student's school

performance and to implement an intervention plan. Such concerns may be academic, emotional,

behavioral, medical, and/or social. This service is for students who are placed in regular education.

Anyone can refer to the SST: student, parent, teacher, school counselor, nurse, and/or an administrator. Once a referral is received, the SST Coordinator will meet with the student and speak to the parent about the concern(s). At this point, parents are invited in for a SST meeting.

Membership on the SST varies depending on the presenting problems. The SST meeting will generally consist of the following people: student, parent(s), social worker, counselor, psychologist, and one teacher selected from the student's schedule. If the presenting problems are either medical or disciplinary in nature, the school nurse and/or Assistant Principal will be invited to the SST.

What happens at a SST meeting?

The SST coordinator collects additional information from the student's teachers to present at the initial meeting. The coordinator discusses the student's strengths and the presenting problem(s). The referring person is then asked to elaborate on the concern(s).

The team selects 1-2 concern(s) that most interfere with the student's functioning in the classroom. Goals are selected from the targeted concerns. An intervention plan is then developed to assist the student in meeting his/her goal(s). This plan will include research based interventions (see links below for examples of possible Tier I & Tier II interventions). The team selects a time to reassess the student's progress. The intervention plan is forwarded to all of the student's teachers.

The SST will regularly consult with teachers to check on the status of the student's progress.

At the reassessment meeting, the team is invited back to review the student's progress. The coordinator will collect updates from the teachers to share at the meeting. It is determined if the student met his/her goals and if the intervention plan needs to be tailored. The student's teachers will be forwarded any updated information. In rare circumstances, the team may determine that a Tier III intervention would be required and a referral to the CSE would be discussed.

What are some reasons for referring to the SST?

* failing one or more classes

*absent frequently and/or comes to school late

*possible depression and/or anxiety

*disciplinary concerns

*medical concerns

*difficulty concentrating, organizing, and/or remembering tasks related to school

*dramatic changes in attitude and/or performance

Teachers must utilize pre-referral strategies before a SST referral is made which include the following:

Academic concerns:

  • Speak with student about concern
  • Offer extra assistance/provide individual help after school
  • Refer to TLC
  • Call parent to address concerns (*required prior to referral)
  • Meet with the school counselor to modify schedule
  • Consider modifying assignment
  • Accommodate for learning style/strengths

Emotional concerns:

  • Speak with student about concern/observations in class
  • Consult with the school counselor
  • Call parent to relay concern (*required prior to referral)
  • Offer support and encouragement to have student speak to you
  • Offer support to have student have access to the Health Office of Counseling Center

Behavioral concerns:

  • Speak with student about concern
  • Call parent to address concern (*required prior to referral)
  • Consult with the school counselor to develop a plan to address concerns
  • Refer to the Assistant Principal

Please refer to RtI (Research to Intervention) Tier I and Tier II interventions for specific strategies:

Tier I

Tier II

Referral Form

  1. A referral may be completed via downloading a Google template SST Referral Form and e-mailing it to Dr. Lesinski ([email protected]).


1. Go to Google Drive (be sure to be logged in to your school account)
2. Go to "Shared drives"
3. Select "District Forms"
4. Open the "Student Support Team" folder.
5. Open the "2021-2022 SST Referral Form" - this is a template.
6. File -> Make a copy -> Rename doc for the student you are referring to -> click "OK".
7. Fill in the form, then share with: [email protected]

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