Absences, Medicals, Home Bound Instruction


PURPOSE: to continue to educate our students about physical fitness, wellness, nutrition, and sport when they are unable to participate actively in the physical education class.


Any legally missed PE classes, even with a doctor's note, need to be made up to receive credit. Students must see their teacher for makeup requirements. 

4 or more consecutively missed PE classes should be made up in accordance with the Long Term Medical.

***Students are responsible to notify PE instructor prior to school-related absences.

Students may NOT make up classes for the following reasons:

-cutting class (refer to Student-Parent Handbook. When a student cuts class or is absent from school unexcused, he/she does not receive participation credit nor may he/she make up skills or written tests)

-failure to dress (Student reports to class and does not have appropriate attire)


-Students who cannot participate or who or have limited participation in PE activities for 3 days or less shall provide a note, at the beginning of class, from his/her parent or doctor to the PE instructor. This note shall describe the illness and/or injury that are causing the student not to participate during class. (Note: students are required to remain attentive to the lesson.) Classes must be made up similar to an absence.



-Students with an illness or injury lasting 4 or more days in duration shall provide a note from his/her doctor to the instructor at the beginning of class. This note should describe the nature of the illness or injury, limitations or restrictions on movement, duration of non-participation, and indication of when PE class may be resumed.

Students with a medical excuse from a doctor, which prohibits or limits PE participation for four consecutive days or more out of the grading period, will be assigned one of two options:

  1. Students may continue the course with a modified curriculum per doctor's instructions. For a student to get this adaptive Physical Education, he/she must return with a physical activity form signed by their doctor. At this point an adaptive teacher will provide them an alternative Physical Education program.
  2. Students on long term medical or homebound who do not meet the criteria for the above option will be assigned alternative work at the discretion of their teacher to receive credit. 
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