Course Expectations


Physical Education Requirement

Education Laws and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education mandate physical education for all pupils in New York State schools. A pupil is required to receive credit in physical education each semester he or she is in school prior to graduation.

In the event that a student does not pass a semester of physical education, that semester must be repeated. A student will receive the option to repeat one semester of physical education in their 9-10 grade years and one semester in their 11-12 grade years.

Physical Education Dress Requirements

Students are required to wear athletic shorts or athletic pants, a plain T-shirt, socks, and sneakers for each regular physical education class. Clothing that is worn to school, or school-issued interscholastic uniforms may not be worn in the physical education program. Female students are required to wear a one piece swim suit in the pool. A synthetic fiber t-shirt must be worn over a two piece suit. All students in physical education class are expected to report to class on time and remain with their class until the passing bell.


Students must be prepared and participate in physical education in order to be eligible to practice or compete in athletic contests. If a student is unprepared for class, they will not be allowed to participate in practice or contests on that day.

Physical Education Excuses

A student that must be excused due to a health related condition, must provide a written excuse from their parent or guardian. Any excuse for longer than three days must be from a physician.

Any student who has been excused from participation in the regular physical education program is required to participate in the adaptive physical education program in accordance with the mandates of the New York Board of Regents. The Hamburg High School physical education staff will provide this adaptive program.

Physical Education Make- up Policy

A student who misses a class for any reason must make arrangements to make up that class immediately upon his/her return to class. Any class not made up within two weeks after the student’s return can no longer be made up and a zero will be assigned for the class. Students have the opportunity to make-up class afterschool (dates of the week vary by year) or during the school day if they have a study hall or lunch and the wellness center is available that period.

Any student making up a class during school hours must obtain a request pass from their Physical Education teacher prior to the make-up. Students who are unprepared or illegally absent CANNOT make-up the class.


Students MUST have a lock and a locker in the Physical Education locker room that will be assigned by the Physical Education staff. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. In June, locks and contents must be removed from lockers by 3:00 PM on the last day of regular classes.


Only locks issued by the physical education department may be used in the team room. Locks and contents must be removed on the day of the last scheduled contest for that sport and contents must be removed from lockers by 3:00 PM on the last day of regular classes. Students DO NOT have access to the team rooms during school hours. Team rooms are available before and after school ONLY.

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